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Chinese stamp collectors clear the shelves at Gustamps

Gustamps are plesently surprised by the ever increasing demand from tourists visiting Brighton and Gustamps shop. The stamp collectors mainly from China and Malaysia as well as other S.E.Asian countries have been buying up Gustamps thematic stamp packets. Not only for themselves, but increasingly as gifts for friends back home. The low priced, high quality Gustamps packets have a great variety of subjects which obviously appeals to these collectors.
Many Gustamps packets have sold out on a daily basis. Gustamps animal stamp packs, Gustamps horses packs, Gustamps railway packs, Gustamps Olympic packs, Gustamps transport packs, Gustamps birds packs, Gustamps butterflies packs, Gustamps costumes packs are very popular with Chinese collectors. Chinese stamps of the 1950s and 1960s are also much in demand now at Gustamps.